The Richest Person In Singapore. Guess What Industry Is He In?

It has just been revealed who is Singapore’s richest person today. He is Goh Cheng Liang, and he is wroth US$8.2 Billion Dollars. He has a share in Nippon Paint, the company that sells paint and coatings. His 39% share in Nippon Paint rose to 39%, and this made him the largest shareholder in Asia’s biggest paintmaker.


You can read more about his background on CNA’s report here.

Singapore’s richest list used to be dominated by property moguls, the late property tycoon Ng Teng Fong, and bankers Mr Wee Cho Yaw. Mr Wee Cho Yaw, largest shareholder of UOB Bank is ranked 2nd, and Madam Tan Kim Choo, Mr Ng Teng Fong’s wife, came in 3rd.

So what does that leave you?

There are many ways to be successful, regardless of what industry you are in. You can make money as a banker, as a property mogul, and even a paint seller. Don’t be limited by the idea that you can only make money in certain industries. There are tons of opportunities out there for people who can make it big.

Look out for more opportunities, and you are on your way to be successful!

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Can You Buy Success With Money?

You see, our blog talks about success. We talk about successful people, successful stories, successful companies. We always advocate on the ‘work hard, work smart’ message, that if you work and grind hard, and do it smart, you will see success.

However, recently I have a friend who came over to my house for a short discussion. One question he asked intrigued me.

“Can you buy success with money?”

Usually my straight answer would be NO! Hardwork triumphs over money! You can only be successful if you work hard to achieve it Yes, money does help, but it doesn’t help if you still don’t work hard.

However, he shared with me a few examples. Real life examples of people and companies who have achieved greater success when they have more money.

Think Football Clubs. Some football clubs become successful and win titles when there is injection of money. When there is money, there is influx of good players, and hence, it helps them to be successful.

So, does it mean that money can buy you success?

What’s your view? We want to hear from you!

Comment your thoughts in the comment box below.

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How to select your the best wedding photography packages to ensure a perfect wedding

Getting married can be one of the happiest moment in your life. However, this can also be the most troubled moment in your life. No, I’m not saying you have chosen the wrong partner. I’m talking about the arrangement of your wedding, and most importantly, THE FINANCE part of the wedding!

A wedding can make or break a lovely couple. If we put money aside, every couple definitely want the best wedding they will have in their entire life. After all, no one wants to have more than one wedding in their entire life! When we talk about finances, it is one big taboo to talk about, especially on wedding day. Nobody wants to discuss about money on an auspicious day, especially in a country like Singapore.

Couples spend money on many areas during their wedding day. They can spend on wedding gowns, banquets, make up artists, photographers, gifts, angbaos for brothers and sisters…etc. These are all the essentials that a wedding must have (of course, depends on what kind of wedding you want!)

Now, let’s talk a little about wedding photography.

This is one area that is most talked about, but the least discussed. Wedding photography is probably the most important service you want to have. You want to capture all the images, beautiful pictures taken on wedding. And you don’t want just iPhone-type of photos. You want  a well taken, high resolution photo taken with a really good camera.

However, most couples never know much about wedding photography and how they charge. If you are talking about pre-wedding shoots, usual photographers will sell you on a package for about $2000 to $3000, depends what package you choose. Usually, they will get you to select 30 photos for the album.

During the shoot, they will take over 1000 photos, and then get you to choose your best photos. Now, here’s where the arguments come. If you and your future wife didn’t agree on a number of photos to select, I can tell you that both of you will quarrel on the spot when selecting the photos. Because some photos are so nice, and you want to BUY ALL OF THEM. But the package you bought is only 30 images.

Now, here’s where the photographer will want to earn your money. They will sell you the photos, at a price, say $50/photo. Then, here’s where all the money will be spent. Here’s where the photo company will earn most of your money, because you don’t have a budget, and you are tempted by the amazing pictures!

Hence, to minimize arguements, it is best to agree on a fixed budget or a number of photos to take, before selecting your photos.

You may ask, is it possible to get the photographers to hand over all their photos, so you don’t have to select on by one, and also won’t have to argue on a fixed number, and miss out those images which are also nice ones?

For pre-wedding photos, it is very unlikely photography companies will give you all the soft copies of the photos. Just imagine, they earn more of your money by getting you to select more photos. Unless you buy a big package, they won’t give you all the photos just like that.

But if you are talking about actual day wedding dinner photography, that is possible. You can check out more on wedding photography packages singapore as there are some photographers who are willing to give away all photographers taken on actual day back to their clients. You will only know if you check clearly what their packages include.

that photographerIf you need a recommendation for a wedding photography package that includes all photos taken on wedding dinner day, you can check out ThatPhotographer . They offer actual day wedding photography with 10 hours of service (which includes morning gate crash and wedding dinner too!)

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Secrets to building a successful working team

Building a strong working team is probably one of the biggest wish a team leader has. With a strong working team, the leader can be assured of results for the company and the team. With a reliable team, the team will still continue to grow and strive, even when the leader is not around.

However, building a strong team is also one of the challenges faced by many leaders. Leaders state many reasons why their team is always on the verge of breaking up, and many instances why they cannot leave their team alone to function.

Right now, here are 3 secrets to help you build a strong working team. This information is important to leaders, managers, and anyone who is leading a team of people.

1. Build a team of individuals with strong personal values

Before you build a team, you must have individuals in your team with strong personal values. The value system must be align with the team and company value system, such as pro-activeness, integrity and trust. You want your people to be pro active and always take initiative.

If you team is made up of people who are laid back and people who shirk responsibility, no matter what you do as a leader, your team is not going to be strong.

But that does not mean that you have to select your people stringently before you accept them into your team. You can have a good team building singapore program to help inculcate strong values in your team members. With an effective program, it will shift the mindsets of your people and make them be proactive.

For really good teambuilding programs that can change mindset and behaviours, check out

2. Leadership with strong leadership qualities

A team is never strong without its leader, and a team is only strong when his leader is. The leader is the most important person in a team. When the team has a strong leader, the team can progress forward, dream big dreams, and achieve unimaginable goals that their team members never imagine.

3. Strong Relationships

A team will always be strong when the people are connected strongly to one another. That’s the only way to maintain and sustain a team. Relationships is what that bonds people, and people want to feel appreciated in a team. They want to belong to the team.

When there is relationships, there is trust. Of course, there are conflicts within the team, but they know that there will always be a solution to their problems, and there’s no problem that cannot be solved. With a strong relationship and strong trust, things get done easier and faster, and everyone can move forward together.

There you go the 3 secrets to a successful team!

What are you thoughts about building a successful team? Leave them in your comments below!

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The Trick To Score Distinction In Your Social Studies Essay

If you are taking Social Studies, then you will definitely know that the Essay Question is probably the KILLER question that most students hate. It is probably the section that will determine if you will score a distinction for your whole subject, or fail it terribly. Yes, it is not pass or fail. It is distinction or fail! (In your math, you can skip a few questions and still pass. But you cannot skip any questions in your SS, especially not the essay!)

The essay question carries so many marks that it is risky to take your chance in writing in any way you like. For the other question on the source-based section, even if you score well for that one, your essay will ultimately determine how you will do for your social studies grades.

However, on other hand, you surely have this bunch of class mates, no matter what questions are thrown at them to debate and argue on any social studies topic, they will always come up top in scoring a high Level 5 marks. Their essays impress their teacher so much that they are used as model essay for the entire class.

So how did these students do it?

Here’s the trick if you really want to improve on your essay writing skills and get your marks high in the essay section:

Read between the line.

“What do you mean by that?”, I think many of you people are wondering this.

It means that never look at the surface of the issues and argue the points. This is because for every reason you state, there are more underlying reasons. That is what reading between the line is about.

This is where you need to keep asking yourself ‘So What”, “So What”, “So What”. 

Many students who fail to score well in their essays is because they are just merely stating facts. They are just listing down what they have memorized. They are just regurgitating whatever notes they have prepared beforehand.

However, those who are doing well in their essays, are students who know what the points and facts are, and instead of ‘vomiting’ out all that is memorized, they made an effort to relate the points back to the question, and make it a relevant point to state their argument.

They use the 2 positive vs 1 negative reasoning to balance their points, and state why they agree or disagree with the question. When they have reached this stage, they are sure to score at least a 75% or 80% score in their essay.

Wait. What if you are just purely stating the facts?

Then you are probably at the lower end of the marks, like 40 to 45%. If the teacher is kind enough to see your efforts in memorizing, then you may get a even higher one, at 49%, but it is definitely difficult to pass your paper just by stating facts.

Then, how can I reach 100%?

Any Social Studies teacher can tell you the guidelines to score 100%, but there are not many SS teachers who are willing to award any students with 100% score, unless they are EXCEPTIONALLY WELL WRITTEN. These kind of essays are probably winning essays that can validate and argue their points all the way.

Can you do well in your SS essay question? If you really need help, do consider signing up for social Studies revision classes for the teacher to teach you the essential skills of writing a good essays for high scores. You can also click on this url: to find out more.


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Having Success in your JC Math

To a student who is studying JC Mathematics for his A level subject, a grade A would definitely be the success he want to have. However, to a student who has been failing math in junior college, probably a B grade would give him the ultimate joy and happiness in his finals.

JC Math can be considered one of the most difficult subjects in A Levels. Alright, I’m not referring to those who has been scoring As since year 1. I’m referring to the arts students are not mathematically inclined and not exposed to as much math as those science students. However, that does not mean that the arts students are disadvantaged to score well for math!

Many students have turned to JC math tuition centres to help them catch up with the syllabus and build a stronger foundation to go for exams. We know how fast some school teachers teach, and if you are good, you are even ahead of the teacher. But if you are not, then you’re always 2 chapters behind the cohort. And definitely, you’ll always be depressed by lagging behind.

Usually in these cases, what tuition can help is to clarify and explain the difficult concepts of the math topics again and slow it down till you understand. This is something that school teachers can’t do. Hey, they have hundreds of students to take care!

And instead of just drilling you with more questions, really good JC Math tutors will make sure you understand the foundation of the topic before handing you with more challenging and though-provoking questions to do. Only with this way, you are sure of your foundation and ready to tackle difficult questions.

jc math


Mathematics can be a really daunting subject if you’re really not into it. But if you are really seeking for effective tuition that can help you get your basics up on track and achieving success in your A levels, you can check our Brain Matter Tuition Centre which offer really good JC math tuition classes, even attended by students from Top JCs.

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How To Lead High Performance Teams

In every association, there are dependably groups of individuals. This could be your area of expertise. Notwithstanding your group arrangement, there is dependably a necessity to lead them towards high impact. As a guide, how would you isn’t that right?

leadership training singapore


Clarity of purpose 

Each group exist for a particular reason. Clarity is the most essential thing that you require to be exceedingly viable. You could be doing numerous things at work, not everything is noteworthy. Groups can get so occupied with day by day work that they can really overlook what truly matters and what is their excuse for why of presence in the organization. By continually moving a group once again to its reason, it will help them settle on decisions that serves its reason and not what is pressing constantly.


Trust is the establishment of all groups. Most managers have an open-door arrangement however what number of them really have staff approaching them candidly? Trust can’t be accepted simply on the grounds that you are their guide, yet it must be earned.

Trust is a fundamental capacity of two ranges: Character and Competence.

Character is the exceptional goal of an individual, high ethical qualities and honesty. It is likewise following up on what you have said you will do on a steady premise. To be dependable, you need to follow up on your guarantees and dangers too.

Capability is about how fruitful you are in performing an errand at work. This implies that you can meet due dates, do your work well with a large amount of correctness.

When you have character without capability, your allies will concur that you are a fantastic individual yet they can’t work with you. On the other hand, when you have capability however no character, they can work with you yet they are not certain when they can believe you.

To find out how you can lead a successful and high performance team, check out Deep Impact to learn how you can equip your leaders and managers with essential leadership skills to exceed peak performance.

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A Successful Piano Teacher in Singapore

piano teacher in singaporeWhat makes a successful piano teacher in Singapore?

Piano is a very popular instrument, and many people wants to learn how to play it. Many students take up piano lessons in order to master a musical playing skill, and of course, many people want to play music well! So to learn well, it’s not just enough to practice a lot, and learn it fast yourself.

You must have a piano teacher to guide you along too! As Singapore has so many piano teachers, how do you become a successful piano teacher which can help many students master the piano?

The first step would definitely be being a great pianist yourself. If you can’t play well, how can you show it to your students that they can play the piano well too? You have to build on your skills, and achieve to a standard that your students want to achieve.

Secondly, and the most important aspect of a teacher, is to be able to communicate well. No matter how well you can play the piano, you can only create great students, if you can pass on the skills to them. It doesn’t help if you can only impress them with your skills, but they don’t know how to learn it from you, or worse, don’t understand what you teach.

Hence, to be successful teacher, take note of these two most important points! If you’re a student, do consider signing up for private piano lessons Singapore to start your lessons!

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The Successful Way To Learn How To Play Violin

People all over the world want to learn how to play violin. The sound of the violin can charm all people over the world. Violin is in high demand, and needless to say, many people want to learn how to play and charm people with its music too! However, the truth is, not many people will be able to play the violin successfully.

However, if you want be a successful violinist, there is only one way to learn it.

No, not the internet, not buying lots of books or watching many YouTube videos.

This successful way is used by many professional violin players on their way to the top.

violin lessons in singaporeThat is to learn from a violin teacher! Yes! A Face to Face tutoring on how to play the violin well! That is not all. It’s not about joining classes and learn in big groups. It’s about learning the violin one-to-one with the teachers. Of course you may start off with a few friends in a class, but ultimately, you want to get personal time with your violin tutor only. Then he will be able to teach you and guide you farther.

If you’re really interested on how to play the violin well, be successful in mastering the instrument, then you have to start signing up yourself for your first course. Remember, you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

You can also find out more about violin lessons in Singapore by visiting

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How to make your team building Singapore program a success

Singapore companies buy training programs for many reasons. One is to equipped their employees with important skills that they can use in their workplace. This will help them to be more equipped to carry out their jobs. How about team building Singapore programs? What are they for?

team building singapore

How to make your team building program in Singapore successful?

Most of the time, companies buy team building programs for one obvious reason, which is to build a team! It is usually because their staff have always been busy working and not able to mingle and get to know each other better. Hence, a team building activity may get all the people together, learn how to work in teams, and overall, benefit the company.

However, not all programs are the same. You know of rah rah programs which just make you happy and excited, but everyone in the company are back to the square one again. Nothing changed, and no one focuses on working in teams.

So how can you make your team building Singapore programs a success, so that every staff has a change in mindset to collaborate and work more in teams when they are back to work?

A successful program starts with a successful trainer. Be sure to hire the right trainer, and you as a buyer of the program, be sure to demand all the answers from the trainer before buying it. Ask what are the activities played, and the purposes and results of playing them. This is because most of the time, trainers’ program are ‘fun’, but has no learning lessons behind it.

A successful program must engage every staff of the company to be in. You do not want to have a program that ‘gets representative’ of each group to come forward, while the rest of the group watches. Hence, check through all the programs to see if they are inclusive. Games which emphasize on ‘exclusive’, are not about team building at all.

A successful program must also have a good follow up, to make sure all employees have learned and applied the knowledge and skills in their workplace. Follow ups can be done by providing more information and tips to help and remind staff of what they learn in the team building program, and encourage them to do more in their workplace.

That’s the three ways how companies can make sure they are paying for a successful team building program in Singapore. Make sure you get it right, and your team will be built right!


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