How To Lead High Performance Teams

In every association, there are dependably groups of individuals. This could be your area of expertise. Notwithstanding your group arrangement, there is dependably a necessity to lead them towards high impact. As a guide, how would you isn’t that right?

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Clarity of purpose 

Each group exist for a particular reason. Clarity is the most essential thing that you require to be exceedingly viable. You could be doing numerous things at work, not everything is noteworthy. Groups can get so occupied with day by day work that they can really overlook what truly matters and what is their excuse for why of presence in the organization. By continually moving a group once again to its reason, it will help them settle on decisions that serves its reason and not what is pressing constantly.


Trust is the establishment of all groups. Most managers have an open-door arrangement however what number of them really have staff approaching them candidly? Trust can’t be accepted simply on the grounds that you are their guide, yet it must be earned.

Trust is a fundamental capacity of two ranges: Character and Competence.

Character is the exceptional goal of an individual, high ethical qualities and honesty. It is likewise following up on what you have said you will do on a steady premise. To be dependable, you need to follow up on your guarantees and dangers too.

Capability is about how fruitful you are in performing an errand at work. This implies that you can meet due dates, do your work well with a large amount of correctness.

When you have character without capability, your allies will concur that you are a fantastic individual yet they can’t work with you. On the other hand, when you have capability however no character, they can work with you yet they are not certain when they can believe you.

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Alex Residences Condo. Good Buy?

As the Alex Residences condo has launched, many people are discussing whether this condo is a good buy. Of course, if you want to have a successful purchase for your residence or investment, then you may want to look at it one more time.

The Alex Residences Condo is located favorably near the central of Singapore, and just beside RedHill MRT Station. If you want to use it for residence, then I must say it is a really good deal, as it can bring you to many places conveniently. Likewise, if you want to buy the condo for investment, it is a good deal too!

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A convenient location can attract more demand for your condo and you can get higher rental yield from it. Also, as it is not located directly at the central of Singapore, you may also see more people flocking to view your condo, as it will be cheaper than renting on in Singapore central.

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A Successful Piano Teacher in Singapore

piano teacher in singaporeWhat makes a successful piano teacher in Singapore?

Piano is a very popular instrument, and many people wants to learn how to play it. Many students take up piano lessons in order to master a musical playing skill, and of course, many people want to play music well! So to learn well, it’s not just enough to practice a lot, and learn it fast yourself.

You must have a piano teacher to guide you along too! As Singapore has so many piano teachers, how do you become a successful piano teacher which can help many students master the piano?

The first step would definitely be being a great pianist yourself. If you can’t play well, how can you show it to your students that they can play the piano well too? You have to build on your skills, and achieve to a standard that your students want to achieve.

Secondly, and the most important aspect of a teacher, is to be able to communicate well. No matter how well you can play the piano, you can only create great students, if you can pass on the skills to them. It doesn’t help if you can only impress them with your skills, but they don’t know how to learn it from you, or worse, don’t understand what you teach.

Hence, to be successful teacher, take note of these two most important points! If you’re a student, do consider signing up for private piano lessons Singapore to start your lessons!

The Successful Way To Learn How To Play Violin

People all over the world want to learn how to play violin. The sound of the violin can charm all people over the world. Violin is in high demand, and needless to say, many people want to learn how to play and charm people with its music too! However, the truth is, not many people will be able to play the violin successfully.

However, if you want be a successful violinist, there is only one way to learn it.

No, not the internet, not buying lots of books or watching many YouTube videos.

This successful way is used by many professional violin players on their way to the top.

violin lessons in singaporeThat is to learn from a violin teacher! Yes! A Face to Face tutoring on how to play the violin well! That is not all. It’s not about joining classes and learn in big groups. It’s about learning the violin one-to-one with the teachers. Of course you may start off with a few friends in a class, but ultimately, you want to get personal time with your violin tutor only. Then he will be able to teach you and guide you farther.

If you’re really interested on how to play the violin well, be successful in mastering the instrument, then you have to start signing up yourself for your first course. Remember, you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

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How to make your team building Singapore program a success

Singapore companies buy training programs for many reasons. One is to equipped their employees with important skills that they can use in their workplace. This will help them to be more equipped to carry out their jobs. How about team building Singapore programs? What are they for?

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How to make your team building program in Singapore successful?

Most of the time, companies buy team building programs for one obvious reason, which is to build a team! It is usually because their staff have always been busy working and not able to mingle and get to know each other better. Hence, a team building activity may get all the people together, learn how to work in teams, and overall, benefit the company.

However, not all programs are the same. You know of rah rah programs which just make you happy and excited, but everyone in the company are back to the square one again. Nothing changed, and no one focuses on working in teams.

So how can you make your team building Singapore programs a success, so that every staff has a change in mindset to collaborate and work more in teams when they are back to work?

A successful program starts with a successful trainer. Be sure to hire the right trainer, and you as a buyer of the program, be sure to demand all the answers from the trainer before buying it. Ask what are the activities played, and the purposes and results of playing them. This is because most of the time, trainers’ program are ‘fun’, but has no learning lessons behind it.

A successful program must engage every staff of the company to be in. You do not want to have a program that ‘gets representative’ of each group to come forward, while the rest of the group watches. Hence, check through all the programs to see if they are inclusive. Games which emphasize on ‘exclusive’, are not about team building at all.

A successful program must also have a good follow up, to make sure all employees have learned and applied the knowledge and skills in their workplace. Follow ups can be done by providing more information and tips to help and remind staff of what they learn in the team building program, and encourage them to do more in their workplace.

That’s the three ways how companies can make sure they are paying for a successful team building program in Singapore. Make sure you get it right, and your team will be built right!


How to be successful

Success. Everyone wants to achieve success. However, not many people KNOW how to achieve it! At different stages of our lives, success means different things. That single word take up many definitions. When we are in school, success means we get into the school we want, get into the best class, hang around our best friends, and of course, get the best grades!

When we leave school, success can mean taking up the best job offer, with the best pay, and of all else, earns more than your fellow mates. From there, we plan our life success – to retire rich with a million dollars, with properties all over the world, and anything we can dream of.

However, all these are written in our plans, but not many of us did actually achieve all these goals. Did you know why?

Reason is simple. Because nobody shows us how! And the people who have done it, might not even want to share with us how.

But the good news is, we can observe the successful people, and learn it in our own ways, and achieve them. In other words, we can learn to achieve great things like the successful people, just by following what they do.

Since you’re at this page already, let me share with you How You Can Be Successful too.

1. Build Wealth

We all want to make lots of money. No doubt about that. But no body talks about building wealth. Building wealth is about accumulating assets that will help you generate more and more cash, which thus makes you wealthier and wealthier. So even if you earn lots of money, considering investing in money-generating assets that will help you build your wealth.

2. Build Health

That’s a given. We all want to be healthy. But most people don’t know the relationship between health and wealth. We all want to make money, but we can only make lots of it, when we are HEALTHY! If we are not healthy, we don’t have the energy to think, to act, and to earn what we want. Build you health, if you want to be successful.

So you want to be successful? Focus on these 2 aspects of your life, and you are on your way to a successful life!

So you want to learn from the most successful person? Start learning from famous people, like Warren Buffett, who have made millions or even billions of dollars, and making a great example to the world.